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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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erika: good afternoon, everyone. thanks for joining us. here' s a look at some of the stories happening now -- a bizarre plunge into an indoor pool in cambridge. a valet finds himself sinking into the water when he says a matt got stuck under the pedal. an early start or the patriots
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the afc championship game in about 90 minutes. airlines already canceling flights into the winter storm bearing down on the mid-atlantic. we begin this new with cindy and re still kind of right on the edge. ; -- cindy : more than 20 states of the storm. we are just on the northern edge of this. we do, however, have a winter storm watch for the extreme south coast of new england including coastal connecticut, rhode island, and also massachusetts, including the cape and massachusetts. this goes in effect tomorrow and is in effect through sunday re just on the northern edge of this no. the heaviest targeting the north atlantic states where they will heaviest targeting new york
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are just writing the edge -- ridng the edge -- riding the it' s not quite into washington, d.c., yet, but it will be as we go through the next few hours. the storm is going to work its way through the coast and start to develop. it' shore with strong wind, blizzard conditions from new york city, still that down to d.c., and this snow is going to slowly creep northward during the day on saturday, but by the evening hours, it is no mainly south of the pike, and it may sneak north of the pike ridley overnight before it pulls away very quickly on sunday morning, so the bulk of the snow is focused south of boston, particularly down along the south coast cape and the islands where they have the best chance of seeing six inches of snow with locally higher amounts. in a very sharp drop off to the north and the possibility that if you are a long or north of
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little as nothing or as much as a couple of inches of snow. we will break down this timeline in detail and talk about coastal concerns as well and just a bit. erika: thanks so much. we want to show you what this looks like. we want to show you nashville, tennessee, where cars are struggling to get of hillary the snow, and it' s already piling up in the mid-atlantic region. is s-eye. lana: six states of emergency already declared. the nations capital bracing for power outages, roof collapses, and worse. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. lana: washington today beginning to lock down. drivers asked to stay off the roads. the d.c. metro transportation system will be closed. >> by 3:00 today, you need to be where you are going to be
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lana: up to 30 inches of snow predicted here with 50 mile an hour winds, and store shelves reflect the concern. philadelphia' s airport canceling all flights. in the new york area, around 1700 snow plows are at the ready. >> we have 300-3000 tons of rock salt on hand -- we have 300-3000 -- 303 ,000 tons of rock salt on hand. lana: cars sliding off the roads in arkansas, a tornado in mississippi taking down trees. as the countdown to a potentially historic blizzard is now just hours away. erika: cancellations already starting to pile up at logan airport. we are always told this, but at this point, it' s really more
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kelley:" a lot of cancellations like richmond, virginia, raleigh, north carolina. but as the storm moves, we expect more airports and more flights to be affected. at logan airport struggling to rebook ahead of the major storm about to slam the mid-atlantic. some lights to the region have already been canceled. none of the major airlines are flying in or out of charlotte, north carolina -- some flights canceled. the only good news -- most airlines are allowing passengers to rebook free of charge. that is just what victoria decided to do. victoria: i was watching the weather and being what was happening, and it looks like the storm may track to boston, but we are not sure how north it will go, so i thought i would flight. kelley: train travel is also affected with amtrak operating on a modified schedule.
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not have trouble flying to this week and' s patriots game in denver -- this weekend' s patriots game. >> everything is canceled out of charlotte. they just rerouted my girlfriend through chicago then dallas to denver. so fingers crossed she will be there tomorrow night and we will see the pats need up on the broncos -- beat up on the broncos on sunday. relatively calm here in terminal a, and that' s because airlines communicating with passengers and rebooking them proactively. erika: thanks so much. newscenter 5 is your storm -- coverage. get the latest forecasts, live radar, real-time closings, and delays with our mobile app. the patriots just about to take
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their final day of preparations marked by an extremely early start. antoinette antonio reports . antoinette: the patriots are heading out in of our -- in about an hour and a half, but not before one final practice at before hitting the road. the big afc championship weekend conference. >> it' s the earliest media i have ever had to do. antoinette: layers know they can get. on peyton and the denver broncos on their turf. two years ago. >> we have won our fair share share, so i think everything is kind of even. the schedule we have played thus far with the denver broncos. antoinette: the wide receiver working hard at practice to not
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against the chiefs. >> the game comes down to fundamentals, getting open, catching the ball. that' s my job. everyone' s focus right now, just showdown. >> as long as we win, we do what ve got to do, that is all that matters to me. antoinette: showing just how focused they are, it was pretty quiet in the locker room today. when the media would normally talk to a few more players, everyone just kind of keeping to themselves. erika: of course, we have you covered in denver. mike lynch and bob halloran will get you ready for gametime live in the mile high city beginning tomorrow night. a wild scene in cambridge after a car lands right in a swimming pool. it happened at a condo complex on using away.
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was trying to park and he says a mat got wedged under the pedal and he lost control. the car when about 100 feet at a high speed before slamming into the pool. luckily, no one was hurt. that crash under investigation. boston firefighters responding to a second alarm fire at an auto body shop. officials investigating the cause right now. they say the fire started in a room in the middle of the building at dna auto group. the shop. no one was hurt. a man declared dead after a hawaii. corporal christopher orlando was last week' s crash. a five-day search turned up no sign of the marines. corporal orlando was a 2010 graduate of having a high -- of hingham high and was 23 years old. the senate voted to pass a new destroy the -- a new distracted
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it would be illegal to enter information by hand into a gps as you are driving or two talk talk on a cell phone. the campaign trail remains crowded in new hampshire today. republicans chris christie, jed bush, marco rubio, john kasich, rand paul, rick santorum, and jim gilmore -- jeb bush all expected at a gop presidential down hall the kicks off today -- gop presidential town hall the kicks off today. an investigation under way at boston cost most sought after public school. two latin students posted it to youtube, calling on the school administration to hold students accountable or racist behavior and negative racially tinged comments. school officials are holding a meeting today with the black student group to discuss ways of creating a more inclusive
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skyline, but it may go dark. why the future of the famous citgo sign is up in the air. under attack, an uber passenger the driver. erratic behavior landing her in ber passenger getting violent as she goes after the driver. also, a plea for help after a pair of dogs are snatched from a somerville home.
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erika: new goals laid out by governor charlie baker in his first state of the commonwealth address. he says the state is strong, but there is room or improvement. he touted successes of the past year, but touched on one of the state' s issues -- the opioid epidemic. he says it will take everyone, including doctors, to fix the problem. governor baker: i will stand with my former colleagues when their clinical judgment is being improperly maligned, but not this time. prescribers in massachusetts and
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casual about the addictive consequences of this medication. erika: baker also discussed the ailing mta. democrats say they had hoped to hit more on -- hoped to hear more on gun violence and his spending plan which will be announced next week. draftkings is expect it to announce it will adopt some of the consumer protection rules proposed by the attorney general. it includes publicly identifying experienced players and banning software that lets people quickly into hundreds of daily fantasy sports lineups. the boston-based website is not in favor of other ideas like a minimum age for players or monthly limit on spending. a new proposal to keep rideshare customers safe. there have been growing calls to fingerprint uber and lyft drivers. they say it would help keep driver' s. they also want background checks done
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drivers safe. this woman jumped into an uber customer who did order that rides darted recording -- the customer who did order that ride started recording. >> she was erratic . she was screaming, cursing, calling me names. erika: the woman burn rating the driver is a fourth-year neurology resident. miami police say there was no incident report since she was not arrested, but her employers at jackson health system have placed her on administrative leave and launched an investigation. a boston landmark in doing disappear -- a boston landmark could soon disappear. boston university is planning to sell the building that holds up the citgo sign in kenmore square. it is said that the significant value to the property. ok, cindy, you have
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busy, and it is getting to crunch time. cindy: the picture is becoming clearer now as well, and we will not get the brunt of the storm, but there are parts of the deep south seeing snow all the way down toward the gulf coast states. we are going to be behind parts of the deep south in terms of snowfall of the season by the end of this day. it' s pretty incredible. we have only had 4.3 inches of snow so far this season in boston, and typically, at this point, in an average winter, we have had a lot more. take a look at the snowfall totals so far from this storm, which is just getting started. carolina -- they have already had a wooden a half of snow -- it' s just going to keep filing of an mid-atlantic states. you can see the leading edge of the snow getting very close to -- it' s just going to keep
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-- keep piling up in mid-atlantic states. that' s a severe storm watch in florida. this is a multifaceted storm that will only intensify. it will produce blizzard conditions as you get run the d.c. area, baltimore, right up towards philadelphia and towards new york city -- from the d.c. area, baltimore, right up towards philadelphia. but not here in southern new england as we are talking about a winter storm watch locally, and that goes into effect saturday through sunday morning. the south. we are on the northern edge of component as well. lot of sunshine. 28 degrees right now, but much of days. s to around 30 degrees. we might get a couple more this afternoon. if you have plans outdoors this evening, notice the wind much lighter, so you will not have to
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been dealing with the past couple of days -- you will not have to contend with that wind we have been dealing with the past couple of days. you can see the pivot and turning right here. there' s a lot of energy with this system, and as it starts to shift eastward toward the coast line, it will start to intensify, and that process happens overnight. first thing tomorrow, the storm is cranking just to the south. on the northern side, the wind jersey shore line. you can see heavy snow bands from new york city down to d.c. still snow in north carolina as well, but this storm is only slowly inching northward as it take a while to shift into southern new england, but it will be a slow process happening late saturday, and then begins to race away during the day sunday. we will be on the northern edge of the wind as well. strongest wind will be on the
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gusts of 40 to 50 miles an hour in southeastern massachusetts, and that will coincide with the full moon tomorrow. so we are still watching high tides. most problematic is the 11:00 in the morning high tide sunday, and that' s when we could see stronger wind. wind make us closer to 60 miles an hour in nantucket, so there' s a high wind watch their -- wind may gust closer to 60 miles an hour in nantucket. notice saturday morning 8:00 a.m., nothing happening. by lunchtime, most of the action is across connecticut and rhode island, really not even getting up into the state yet. it will be a slow process watching that no pivot northward -- watching that snow to the northward. during the overnight hours, the snow will try to lift toward and just inches north of the pike, and it begins to shift north first thing sunday morning, and we will begin to see the sun reappearing. in terms of the amounts, again,
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south coast and the cape. the amounts really drop off dramatically to the north, and where that cut off is -- perhaps north of the pike -- there is still the potential we do not see anything, but a couple of inches are possible once you get southward. we will get this storm out of here and be watching sunday. at the same time, we will be watching the patriots in denver. if you wonder what the weather 40 degrees. we, too, are going to sneak back into the 40' s, it appears, by early next week, but all eyes on this storm system going to our south this weekend. erika: thank you. surveillance captures what appears to be a burglar carting away two stolen dogs. a somerville family pleading for help so they can reunite with their pets. they have plastered the neighborhood with posters of their pomeranians. they say someone broke into their apartment tuesday, stealing jewelry, other valuables, and the cups -- the
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the dogs are well known in the neighborhood, and the family says the left may not the random -- the theft may not be random. >> this person is a horrible monster who broke our hearts. he just parted our family. erika: the couple says the thief can bring the dogs back no questions asked. they have also posted a reward. also, a store clerk defending herself against an armed robber.
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>> he' s pulling the knife to me. he said, "give me all the money you have in the cash register." erika: a brockton store clerk fighting off a robber. she opened the market five years ago in memory of her daughter. police still looking for the suspect. cindy: good for her. fighting back, that one. big uptick in the weather.
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